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Co-Founder William Brach

The Brach Family Charitable Foundation was co-founded by William L. Brach (Bill), an attorney, husband, father, and friend of many, whose lifetime was illuminated by a warm and informed consideration for persons in need of housing, food and healthcare. Working for the advancement of decent housing for the poor, he launched the Newark Citizens Housing Council, which encouraged and enlarged that city’s program of public housing.

With fairness and kindness printed on his soul, he became very active in civil rights early in life. Shortly after becoming City Attorney of East Orange, Bill engineered an ordinance requiring the city golf course to admit African American members. He promoted social justice in various ways throughout his life.

Professionally, Bill poured his expertise into urban renewal projects such as those offering low-income tenants with affordable housing and access to food and education. In the early 1980’s he worked with the NAACP and others to empower the poor who struggled nearby and as far away as in Africa.

During the same period he served on and was honored by the board of the Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee, which materially promotes social justice. He also invested time and money to support agricultural development in Africa, as sponsored by the Ben Gurion Institute of the Negev. The application of modern farming equipment and techniques improved product output there, something for which Israelis are now famous.

Bill modeled the practice of “selective but appropriate giving” for his own family, emphasizing careful, systemic plans geared toward realizable goals.

Family and friends loved him for his kindness, charm, great intelligence, unfailing sense of humor, and his invariable embrace of what was morally balanced and “right”.

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