Text reads Supporting Sustainable and Compassionate Solutions Field Workers at Njoro, Kenya - Photo Credit: Petr Kosina/CIMMYT

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Causes Supported by the Foundation

Below is a partial list of causes that our foundation supported in 2011.

Social Justice

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
Our foundation co-founder, the late William Brach, served for several years as a UUSC board member. The UUSC continues to fight for improved economic and civil rights in the United States and abroad. Their work fits closely with our interest in empowering the underserved with opportunities to climb out of the poverty traps that perpetuate low wage jobs, poor health conditions and lack of self-esteem.

Economic Growth & Empowerment

Eliminate Poverty Now
Foundation member, Peter Brach, joined John & Judy Craig from Eliminate Poverty Now (EPN) in Niger, West Africa, to learn more about how market-based agricultural education targeted toward the young can help move the country out of extreme poverty. In 2011, our foundation supported EPN to conduct a pilot farming program for primary school aged Nigereans.

Eva’s Village
Our foundation supports the work of Eva’s Village as a holistic approach toward combating poverty. This organization provides affordable housing, addiction treatment, medical care and other services to Americans in need.

Wells Bring Hope
Shortages of easily accessible clean drinking water sometimes means that women and their daughters must travel on long journeys each day. Wells Bring Hope raises money so that villagers in Niger can locate safe drinking water nearby and women can apply their time toward building businesses, and their girls can attend school.


Wellfleet Audibon
Massachusetts Audibon in Welfleet is a nine hundred and forty-four acre wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary provides trails and guided walks, talks and products. These services and products enhance appreciation and understanding about the delicate ecosystems that must be maintained to ensure human and animal survival.

Our foundation also supported the Essex County Environmental Center and the Truro Conservation Trust.

Other causes we support:

Human Consciousness & Philanthropy
Agricultural Training in Underdeveloped Countries
Human Health
Animal Welfare