Text reads Supporting Sustainable and Compassionate Solutions Field Workers at Njoro, Kenya - Photo Credit: Petr Kosina/CIMMYT

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Our Environment and Animal Welfare

Caring for our environment, wildlife and domesticated animals

One focus of our giving has been to address the causes of global warming, which is one of the most serious environmental challenges of our time. We support efforts to stop deforesation and to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable resources.

We believe in the sanctity of our wilds and wildlife, and support efforts to stop poaching of wild animals, and to address the underlying issues which contribute to harmful human-wildlife interactions. We also are concerned about our treatment of domesticated animals, and support efforts to protect them from human-inflicted suffering.

We hope that you will take action to avoid the cruel and unnecessary suffering that animals endure. Follow the link below for a list of animal welfare organizations.