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May 28-30, 2014
9th International eLearning Africa Conference

Many are rightfully excited about the potential that information communication technologies hold for transforming education on the African continent. This is the 9th international eLearning Africa Conference on ICT for development, education and training, held in Kampala, Uganda.

June 8-10, 2014
Council on Foundations Annual Conference

Publisher's Perspective: The Council on Foundations is an ahead of the curve, trend setting organization. They listen closely to the needs of thousands of member foundations and an array of philanthropic sectors. Their annual conference, held in Washington D.C., is a great opportunity to network and share your opinions as we collectively shape philanthropy 3.0.

September 2-5, 2014
Social Capital Markets (SOCAP14)

Publisher's Perspective: SOCAP is one of the best conferences pertaining to social capital markets. Many experts present on a wide variety of topics, providing highly relevant, current information. Participants from many philanthropic sectors attend, thereby providing an abundance of networking opportunities. Make sure that you do not mix this up with other organizations. Held in San Francisco, CA.

October 12-17, 2014
Opportunity Collaboration

Publisher's Perspective: We must positively impact how we as philanthropists collaborate, communicate and cooperate with each other if we are serious about achieving greater impact. This four day nontraditional conference, held in Ixtapa, Mexico, is for those interested infighting poverty and injustice through the force multiplier effect.

October 30 - November 1, 2014
Small Foundation's National Conference

There are many small foundations, which collectively can make a big impact on the direction of philanthropy. The Association of Small Foundations provides a biannual conference, held in Washington D.C., to help these grantmakers connect to build networks and better understand the landscape of giving as it applies to their sector.

Mission Statement

The Foundation supports programs that address underserved populations, and programs that advance social justice, human health and consciousness, the welfare of animals and the environment.

About our Foundation

William and Nancy Brach founded the Brach Family Charitable Foundation in 1999 to further the philanthropic objectives expressed in our mission statement. They believed strongly in applying well-planned systemic approaches toward improving world conditions. These values are well-integrated in our commitment toward supporting compassionate, sustainable and intelligent philanthropic solutions.

Our Programs

Photo of woman practicing mindfulness meditation while sitting on the sand beside the ocean

Bringing Mindfulness into Philanthropy

Mindfulness practices increase awareness, sharpen critical thinking abilities, improve moral integrity and deepen capacities for empathy and compassion. Far greater emphasis upon teaching these practices is needed.

Photo: Never too young, a boy learns about refugia crops in Kenya; Photo Credit: CIMMYT

Agricultural Training For Africa’s Youth

Africa’s economy is driven heavily by agriculture. What we do to prepare young Africans today will improve their economic future tomorrow. Therefore, we must invest heavily in training the upcoming generation with the most effective and sustainable agricultural practices available.

Photo of senior patient in hospital bed with nurse beside her

Sidestepping the Healthcare Needs of Marginalized Americans

Sidestepping the health care needs of marginalized Americans is both poor economics and inhumane. The costs of emergency visits are often sited as a case for support. However, other stressors are often not sited.

Photo of abandoned puppy dog standing on empty railroad tracks

A Difficult Look Into Animal Welfare

Kindness to and care of animals, both domestic and wild, is key to our humanity. Jeremy Bentham wrote, "The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?"

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